MYC Features


  • 100% Web-based

  • Secure 24/7 Access

  • Manage Q&A

  • Conduct Polls

  • Control Recording

  • Roll Call Options

  • Mute/Hold Attendees

  • Lock/Unlock Call

An Overview of ManageYourCall


Web-based Solution for Effective Conference Call Hosting and Management

Manage your conference calls using ManageYourCall, an on-demand, secure, web-based conference call management application provided free to our customers.

The ManageYourCall application allows a conference host to easily manage every aspect of a conference call via a web-based user interface. Using ManageYourCall's features, a conference host can control all the necessary tasks required for a complete and orderly conference call without the need for external operator assistance.

  • Secure Login - Conference hosts can access the ManageYourCall application using any web browser. A secure login assures the integrity of your conference.

  • Conference Controls - Hosts have a full complement of conference controls available to them to insure an efficient conference.
    • View Participant Status
    • Name Participants - ReLabel Lines
    • Mute/Un-Mute All
    • Hold/Un-Hold All
    • Enable/Disable Announcement
    • Lock/Unlock Conference
    • Roll Call to All
    • Roll Call to Host
    • Dial Out
    • Assign Billing Codes
    • End Conference

  • Conference Info - Know who is in your conference and their status at all times.
    • Mute Status
    • Dialed In Number
    • Name
    • Role

  • Question & Answer Sessions - Question and answer sessions are a highly effective method of controlling conferences. Several moderators can discuss a topic and allow participants to ask questions in an orderly fashion.

    Hosts can initiate and conduct their own Q & A sessions by initiating a session and viewing participants in the queue for questioning, systematically promoting and unmuting the participants to ask their questions. This is perfectly suited to small to mid-size conferences.

  • Voting - The Voting (Polling) feature can be used to conduct surveys or interactive tests.

    Hosts can conduct an audio polling session and obtain participants votes to a supplied question and answers. Participants vote via their telephone keypads.

  • Recording - The recording feature allows a host to control the audio recording of the conference.
    • Start Recording
    • Pause Recording
    • Stop Recording

  • User Guide - The ManageYourCall user guide provides complete details to help familiarize you with all of the application's functions.

  • Video Tutorials - View step-by-step video tutorials covering all of ManageYourCall's features.